Hélène Becquelin

French, Antipodes, Lausanne, 2020

Set in the seventies, Hélène Becquelin starts a new series of comic books where she narrates her solitary adolescence and the relative shifts within her surroundings. The discovery of punk rock will turn her life completely uspide down: It is the beginning of new cultural and geographical horizons which will ultimately save her life!

With her female point of view and distance from the rock environment of the French Switzerland of the time, the author pushes us towards her explosive teenage years in 1970s Lausanne, and shows us how a young small-town girl arrives in the “big city,” exploring the Sapri Shop, the centre autonome, and the punk dolce vita…

Antipodes, Lausanne
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Editions Antipodes, editions@antipodes.ch
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Hélène Becquelin

Hélène Becqueil is a Swiss graphic artist and illustrator, originally from Valais, Switzerland. She lives and works in Lausanne. After having graduated as a graphic artist from the Ecole d’Art de Lausanne in 1987, she worked several years for different advertising agencies. When her children were born, she became an independent graphic artist and illustrator, and proceeded to realize greeting cards, announcements, political cartoons, posters and flyers for many museums. Her blog «BD Angry Mum» has allowed her to dedicate herself to comic books again. Since then she has published both collective and personal work in Switzerland and France. Moreover, she has participated in collective and individual exhibitions, where she has presented her creations with carded wool and her drawings.

Photo: © Philippe Pache