A Volcano a Day

Fanny Vaucher

French, Editions Antipodes, 2023

Possibly your only chance on Earth to visit a volcano a day … with equally interesting topics, periods and questions. An extraordinary exploration in illustration and text within the confines of a comic. Using the volcanoes as the guiding thread, the author takes us on a journey within the confines of the world, yet this journey is experienced within the confines of the mind. Each of the volcanoes, be they real or imaginary, serious or eccentric, is a pretext to experiment with the relationship between text and illustration and to travel all roads: from architecture to mythology, passing through onomastics, literature, design, fiction, chemistry, nostalgia and dream interpretation. She touches a little, but not obsessively, on volcanology in order to guide the narrative and allow other topics to emerge as they resound with the author, whose insatiable curiosity takes us far away!

Un volcan par jour
Editions Antipodes
Translation rights
Swiss Books Agency, Yoann Bernard, direction@swissbooksagency.ch
Publication date
August 2023


Fanny Vaucher

Fanny Vaucher is a comic strip author and illustrator, who lives in Switzerland. She has published several albums, both as the sole author and in collaboration with others. They include Pilules polonaises (Polish pills, Noir sur Blanc), Les Paupières des poissons (The eyelids of fish, La Plage), Le Siècle d’Emma (Emma’s century) and Le Siècle de Jeanne (Jeanne’s century, Antipodes, 2019 and 2022). She is co-founder of the Swiss French comic collective La bûche and works alongside SCAA (Swiss Comics Artists Association) for the better recognition of the status of comic artists. Her projects tend to be anchored in reality, cover engaging topics and share knowledge.

Photo: ©: Przemek Dzienis