All Right

Anja Wicki

German, Edition Moderne, 2022

In Ordnung tells the story of Eva, whose life is determined by an unnamed mental illness. To avoid her uncontrollable episodes as best she can, Eva lives according to a strict schedule and system of order. But her rigid daily structure and fear of the bad times have robbed Eva of her spontaneity and zest for life.

Eva eventually receives a guardian angel as a birthday present from her grandmother. Shortly afterwards, the guardian angel starts appearing in Eva’s flat – as what she perceives to be a real person. Gabi completely turns Eva’s life on its head with his exuberant, spontaneous manner. He also challenges her to take her life back into her own hands and face her fears. Slowly but surely, a special friendship develops between the two different characters.

In Ordnung
In Ordnung
Edition Moderne
Translation rights
Sarah Lapalu (eddy agency),
Publication date
ISBN 978-3-03731-229-2


Anja Wicki

Anja Wicki, born in 1987, is a comic artist and illustrator who lives and works in Lucerne. During her studies at the Lucerne School of Art and Design, she founded Ampel Magazin with Luca Bartulovic and Andreas Kiener, and is still a co-editor of the magazine to this day. Wicki has received several awards for her work, most recently a residency in Belgrade.

Photo: ©: Anja Wicki