Anaïs Nin

Léonie Bischoff

French, Éditions Casterman, Paris, 2020

Early Thirties. Anaïs Nin lives in the suburbs of Paris and struggles with the anxiety of her life as a banker’s wife. Constantly uprooted, she has grown up between two continents and three languages, and struggles to find her place in a society that relegates women to secondary roles. She longs to be a writer, and ever since she was a child she has found her way to escape reality: her diary. It is her drug, her companion, her double, the one thing which allows her to explore the complexity of her feelings and to perceive the sensuality that smolders within her. It is then that she meets Henry Miller, a revelation that will turn out to be the first step towards great upheavals.

Anaïs Nin: Sur la mer de mensonges
Éditions Casterman, Paris
Translation rights
Jérôme Baron, International Rights Director,
Publication date
Prix Delémont’BD de la meilleure bande dessinée suisse 2021


Léonie Bischoff

After having graduated from the Institut Saint-Luc of Brussels, Léonie Bischoff published with Éditions Casterman the comic book Hoodoo Darlin’ as well as three Swedish thrillers by Camilla Läckberg, in collaboration with Olivier Bocquet. In 2020, a one-shot inspired by the diarist and novelist Anaïs Nin was published by Casterman.

Photo: © Bénédicte Maindiaux