My Place, Your Place

Maeva Rubli, Anisa Alrefaei Roomieh

German, Edition Moderne, Zurich, 2021

«bei mir, bei dir» is the echo of a dialogue: Anisa tells Maeva about her life in Syria and fleeing her homeland after the outbreak of the civil war. In her new home in Jura, she talks about the hopes and challenges as a woman and mother in a foreign land – and recites her poems. In the meantime, Maeva captures the conversation through words and pictures. Maeva’s image sequences are full of atmosphere as they depict and make sense of Anisa’s memories and escape. When the events of the world out there inevitably carry on and Europe raises its borders, «bei mir, bei dir» creates an intimate space in which two people can meet at eye level.

Bei mir, bei dir
Edition Moderne, Zurich
Translation rights
Sarah Lapalu (eddy agency),
Publication date
ISBN 978-3-03731-218-6


Maeva Rubli, Anisa Alrefaei Roomieh

Born in 1989 in Yabroud, Syria, Anisa Alrefaei Roomieh studied Arabic and worked for the World Food Program of the United Nations. She currently lives in Delémont where she teaches Arabic and writes poetry,

Maeva Rubli was born in Delémont, and studied illustration at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, department of Art and Design. She lives and works in Basel as an illustrator, writer of comic and children’s books, and art mediator.

Photo: © halmeskobel