The Mountain

Rebecca Gugger and Simon Röthlisberger

German, NordSüd, Zurich, 2020

The bear knows exactly what the mountain looks like, green and full of trees. But the sheep also knows the mountain and can describe it: The mountain is a meadow. This in turn is refuted by the ant. Every animal of the story has its own fixed idea of the mountain. So fixed that the animals get into an argument about it. Because everyone wants to be right. It is only when they climb the mountain together that their views are broadened. And at the end there is the insight that there is enough space for many beliefs. The perspective of each animal is shown through an impressive panorama. It is with wit and refinement that Rebecca Gugger and Simon Röthlisberger tell a story about different perceptions.

Der Berg
NordSüd, Zurich
Translation rights
Sindhya Bergamin,
Publication date
February 2021

Authors and illustrators

Rebecca Gugger and Simon Röthlisberger

Rebecca Gugger and Simon Röthlisberger, born in Switzerland, live together in Thun – close to the forest, the mountain and the fresh air. She, a freelancing illustrator/graphic designer, studied at the Bern University of the Arts and enjoys aerial jumps into seas of clouds. He, a trained graphic artist, works as an art director and likes hoisting the sails. Now and again, the two of them appear in a collective, wielding pen and pencil together.