Behind the Scenes

Pierre Wazem

French, Atrabile, Geneva, 2021

From Lausanne to Venice, via Delémont, Lucerne and Solothurn, Pierre Wazem visited the various festivals that take place in these cities and brought back a whole series of strips made in situ, strips that Atrabile collects today in a horizontal format.
Acting as a special envoy on the spot, but never really in the right place, with a changing interest, a piquant gaze and a beautiful propensity for the evil spirit, Wazem is interested in everything and nothing, digresses, fantasizes, and reveals occasionally some of the best-kept behind-the-scenes secrets of festivals. Interrupted in his wanderings by you-guess-what, Wazem also gratifies us with a “covid interlude,” since the author suffered from the disease in its long and resurgent version – which did not prevent him from keeping his sense of humor.
On the menu of «En Coulisse» we have shattering revelations, countless cameos, some obscene situations, a little irony, a touch of the absurd, and a simply irresistible humor.

En coulisse
Atrabile, Geneva
Translation rights
Sarah Lapalu (eddy agency),
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Pierre Wazem

Pierre Wazem is a longtime companion of the editor Atrabile and a versatile author with an extensive bibliography. Amongst his titles, it is worth mentioning the autobiographical Promenade(s) (Atrabile 2001), the science fiction series Koma (with Frederik Peeters, Les Humanoïdes associés 2003-2008), the retelling of Hugo Pratt’s Les scorpions du désert (Casterman 2005), La Fin du monde (with Tom Tirabosco, Futuropolis 2008) or the explosive Mars aller-retour (Futuropolis 2012).