Excuse me!

Lorenz Pauli, Miriam Zedelius

German, Atlantis, Zurich, 2023

Juri knocks Doctor Bitter over: “Excuse me!”

Doctor Bitter patches himself up, then takes a ride on Juri’s bike himself. Whoops! Now, Doctor Bitter isn’t the only one with scratches; Juri’s bike and even Mr Vogelsang’s car have been damaged. Doctor Bitter tries to cover up the accident. And when everything goes wrong, he wants to bury the car.

Will Juri manage to bring Doctor Bitter to reason? Excuse me, but we’re keeping that secret for the book!

Atlantis, Zurich
Translation rights
Luisa Heim, heim@atlantisverlag.ch
Publication date
September 2023


Lorenz Pauli

Lorenz Pauli was born in 1967. He is one of the most popular and successful Swiss children’s book authors and storytellers. Lorenz Pauli has won numerous awards for his books, most recently the Schweizer Kinder- und Jugendmedienpreis (Swiss children’s and young adults media prize) for Rigo and Rosa (Lorenz Pauli/Kathrin Schärer, 2016, Atlantis). Pauli lives with his family in Bern.

Photo:  © Emil Hofmann


Miriam Zedelius (born in 1977) studied literature and graphic design in Leipzig and Granada (Spain). She has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2016 and designs books, silkscreens, posters and murals. Her works have been displayed numerous times and honoured with several prizes. Miriam Zedelius has three children and lives in Leipzig. She owns a fast bike but no car, nor does she own an elephant, just enough supplies to paint one.

Photo:  © Susanna Wengeler