Grandma Peas

Micha Friemel, Jacky Gleich

German, Hanser Verlag, 2022

A sincere, courageous and funny children’s book about saying goodbye, death and what happens afterwards. Grandma is ill, even though she says she is in great shape. Leonor notices this because Grandma no longer sings karaoke. And also because Mum is so sad. But Grandma doesn’t want to talk about death. Leonor is too young for that. But she understands much more than everyone thinks. When she helps Mum with the compost, Leonor learns exactly how worms work: they eat what is dead and turn it into soil. The soil grows into vegetables. Leonor loves peas and carrots. When Grandma will have grown into a carrot, Leonor will feed it to a horse. So Grandma will become a horse, galloping to the stars while hearing Leonor singing to her from afar.

Oma Erbse
Hanser Verlag
Translation rights
Anne Brans,
Publication date
February 2022


Micha Friemel

Born in 1981, Micha Friemel studied History and German in Basel, and later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel. She lives with her husband and two children in Sta. Maria Val Müstair. Additionally, she manages a little pension for “creative retreats.” In 2020, her first children’s book Lulu in der Mitte, illustrated by Jacky Gleich, was released by Hanser. Her collaboration with Jacky Gleich continued in 2022 with the publication of her second children’s book Oma Erbse.

Photo: Nina Mann


Jacky Gleich

Born in Darmstadt in 1964, Jacky Gleich studied Animation at the Film Academy of Babelsberg. She has illustrated over 80 books for both children and adults, for which she has received several awards such as the German Children’s Literature Award for Hat Opa einen Anzug an? (1997). Recently, she has published for Hanser the illustrated books Otto war nicht begeistert (2017, text by Jutta Richter) and Lulu in der Mitte (2020, text by Micha Friemel). In 2022, she illustrated Oma Erbse written by Micha Friemel.

Photo: Nora Gleich