The Little Magic Table

Roberto Piumini, illustrations by Antoine Déprez

Italian, Marameo, Gordola, 2020

The story of the evil goat that drives away all three sons of a poor tailor, newly told for little readers from 7 years.

This visually remarkable book is a novel interpretation of the classic Grimm’s fairytale. Its superb scraperboard illustrations are spirited and original in technique, form and format. Their stylistic boldness creates a dynamic interplay between old and new. The poetic new text excels in its use of sound patterns, thereby breathing new life into a traditional folk tale.

“The little Magic Table” was nominated for the Swiss Children’s and Young Adults Book Prize 2020.


Il tavolino magico
Marameo, Gordola
Translation rights
Francesca Martella,
Publication date
December 2019


Roberto Piumini 

Roberto Piumini, born in 1947 in Edolo, Lombardy, is one of Italy’s best-loved children’s authors. He has written over 80 books, poems and stories for children, as well as TV and radio programmes and plays. Many of his stories have appeared in translation, and he, too, is a translator, with classics including Shakespeare’s sonnets to his name. Roberto lives in Milan.


Antoine Déprez

Born in Lille in 1978, Antoine Déprez studied illustration in Lyon. In addition to creating picture books for various Italian and French publishers, he is a freelance illustrator whose work appears in the press, advertising and animated films. He has lived in the Swiss canton of Ticino since 2002. Il tavolino magico (The Little Magic Table) is one of the first children’s books to appear at Marameo Edizioni, the new publishing house based in Ticino.