Learning to Fear

Nando von Arb

German, Edition Moderne, 2023

Nando von Arb tells episodic stories about different experiences of fear. Although based on personal experience, the ease with which the reader can identify with the stories makes them universal, too. Nando von Arb discusses fear of the dark, of loneliness, illness, death… but often, the superficial fear seems to be more like a symptom of a much deeper, different fear.
In his unmistakable, vibrant and technically diverse style, von Arb invites readers into a (nightmarishly) colourful world where they come upon strong, surprising imagery of what lies between the lines.

Fürchten lernen
Edition Moderne
Translation rights
Sarah Lapalu (eddy agency), sarah@eddy-agency.com
Publication date
Cultural award of the City of Zurich 2023 in the category literature – Nominated for the Swiss Children’s and Young People’s Book Prize 2024


Nando von Arb

*1992, lives and works in Zurich. He has been a trained graphic designer since 2012. In 2018 he completed his bachelor’s degree in fiction illustration at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art. In 2020 he completed his master’s degree in illustration at the LUCA School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. His first graphic novel Drei Vater (Three Fathers, Edition Moderne, 2019) was awarded the Swiss Children’s and Young People’s Book Prize 2020, a recognition grant from the Department of Culture of the Canton of Zurich, and a prize from the zeugindesign Foundation. His second book Fürchten lernen (Learning to Fear) was published in autumn 2023.

Photo: ©: Nando von Arb