Simona Demarmels and Anna Negrini, illustrations by Jon Bischoff

Romansh, Chasa Editura Rumantscha, Chur, 2020

A Rhaeto-Romansh fantasy story for middle-grade readers.

Lio is fed-up. All his friends are going on holiday, and he’s the only one who has to go up into the mountains! When his mother confiscates his mobile phone into the bargain, he’s thoroughly put out. All Lio wants now is to get away. But his dog, Cookie, is keen to hunt marmots. This leads the pair of them into the fantastic world of Semperverd (Evergreen), where they face quite a few challenges…

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Chasa Editura Rumantscha, Chur
Translation rights
Anita Capaul, anita.capaul@chasaeditura.ch
Publication date
May 2019


Simona Demarmels

Simona Demarmels was born in 1992 in the canton of Grisons, where she still lives. She teaches a first and second primary class. Sie wrote “Semperverd” together with Anna Negrini as a diploma project for teachers college.

Anna Negrini

Anna Negrini was born in 1992 in the canton of Grisons. She wrote a column in Romansh for two Engadine newspapers. She trained as a teacher; “Semperverd” was her diploma project for college. Anna Negrini died in 2016 after a serious illess.


Jon Bischoff

Jon Bischoff, born in 1983, grew up in Val Bregaglia and studied comic and illustration in Milan. Today, he works as a freelance illustrator and lives in Vicosoprano and Zurich with his family.