The Blue Book

Albertine, Germano Zullo

French, La Joie de Lire, 2022

An incredible adventure into the land of books

It’s bedtime and Séraphine’s father reads her favourite book to her – Le Livre bleu (The Blue Book). And there begins a fabulous adventure. In the darkness of the night, Séraphine and her dad leave the house, walk across the garden and up the road through the village. Her father asks Séraphine if she’s scared, but she replies: ‘with The Blue Book, you’re never scared’. On the shortcut to a tropical jungle, Séraphine begins to wonder whether they are lost. Her father reassures her: ‘with The Blue Book, nothing is more fun than getting lost.’ After reaching the foot of a large tree, they doze off. When Séraphine opens her eyes, her mother is there. They decide to head south where they come across magnificent scenery. But soon it’s time to go home. Séraphine is disappointed. Her mother comforts her:
‘We can’t discover everything at once.’

The Blue Book, by Albertine and Germano Zullo, is a delightful homage to the precious moments shared by parents and their children when reading together. Through his intuitive and subtle style, Germano Zullo bestows each character with a genuine tone of voice, while Albertine’s illustrations bring them to life. The depth of her colour palette and the mischievous creativity of her brush strokes imbues the illustrations with a unique quality. Just like Séraphine, as we turn the last page, all we want is to read The Blue Book again.

Le livre Bleu
La Joie de Lire
Translation rights
Carina Diez Solari,
Publication date

Author and Illustrator

Germano Zullo

Born in Geneva in 1968, Germano Zullo is a writer and poet. He has been publishing children’s stories for Éditions La Joie de lire since 1996.


Albertine is a Swiss artist. In May 2020, she received the Hans Christian Andersen Award for her contribution to children’s literature.

Photo:  © Albertine et Germano Zullo