The Colour of Things

Martin Panchaud

German, Edition Moderne, Zurich, 2020

His mother is in a coma, his father on the run – how is 14-year-old Simon supposed to get his hands on his million-dollar winnings? An exciting story told in a way that is just as surprising as it is original!

Simon is constantly teased and abused for all kinds of errands by the boys in the neighbourhood. When he carries the groceries home to a fortune teller, she gives him a betting tip on the horse race. Simon bets his father’s entire savings on a single horse – and wins millions. Meanwhile the father beats the mother into a coma and flees. As a minor, Simon cannot cash in his betting slip. On the adventurous hunt for a way out of the situation the eternal loser Simon becomes quite a clever hero.

A milestone in the history of comics in an extraordinary narrative format.

Die Farbe der Dinge
Edition Moderne, Zurich
Translation rights
Sarah Lapalu (eddy agency),
Publication date
Swiss Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Prize 2021


Martin Panchaud

Martin Panchaud was born in 1982 in Geneva (Switzerland) and has been living in Zurich for a few years now. Author – graphic novelist, he has produced several publications of comic strips, large narrative formats and computer graphics, in a unique visual style.