The Fall 3

Jared Muralt

German, Blackyard, 2022

After losing his wife, one father will have to face a world in freefall, shaken to its core by an economic, social, political, and health crisis without precedent. Facing seemingly unreal and very unexpected dangers, he will do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones in a country on the brink of collapse. In this internationally acclaimed series, Jared Muralt not only tells the story of one family struggling to survive, but also questions the very reasons that brought mankind to this apocalypse.

In the third volume, Sophia, Max and their friends find refuge in a supposedly uninhabited hotel in the Bernese Oberland. Their arrival does not go unnoticed for long, they soon find themselves between the fronts of two rival groups. Neither their hopeless situation nor the escalating violence in the turmoil following the collapse keep Sophia from searching for her injured father.

Der Fall 3
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Jared Muralt,
Publication date
ISBN 978-3-906828-34-3

Jared Muralt, born in Bern in 1982, is a Swiss illustrator and comic artist. Although he attended art school in Berne for a year, Muralt is mainly self-taught. As a freelance illustrator, he founded the graphic & illustration collective BlackYard with three friends in 2009. In addition to his primary work as a comic book artist, Muralt has worked for the New York Times and Pottermore, among other publications.

Jared Muralt’s comic series “The Fall” was awarded the Atomium Award “Le Soir de la BD d’actualit√©” for current contemporary comics in 2020, and Muralt himself received the Bernese Literature Prize “Weiterschreiben” in 2021.

Photo: © Jared Muralt