The World of Lost Animals

Noémie Weber

French, Gallimard, 2022

Elsa, 8 years old, doesn’t like school. And, as her sister Adèle likes to remind her, she has only one true friend: Aldo, her red fish. One day, Aldo falls asleep… and ends up in a toilet bowl. Without hesitation, Elsa sets out to look for him… in the country of the lost animals. Will Elsa successfully navigate this mysterious place and find Aldo? A quest with elements of initiation interspersed with encounters that are both incongruous and moving. A story told from a child’s perspective to help children cope with the loss of a furry, feathery or scaly companion.

Le monde des animaux perdus
Translation rights
Sylvain Coissard,
Publication date
ISBN 978-2-075-149-761


Noémie Weber
Born in Geneva in 1971, Noémie Weber gave up her job as teacher of French in 2007 in order to study at L’Iconograf, a school of comic book creation in Strasbourg. She won a Jeunes Talents award in Angoulême in 2011 and subsequently published a book of stories for children as well as numerous illustrations, particularly for children’s magazines. Her first comics book was Junk Food Book, selected for presentation at the children’s and youth book fair in Seine-Saint-Denis. Noémie Weber lives in Toulouse.

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