A Lifetime to Write

Sylvie Neeman, illustrations by Albertine

French, La Joie de Lire, Geneva, 2020

The life of famous Swiss writer S. Corinna Bille beautifully illustrated for children from 10 years

Corinna Bille arrives in a small town by Lake Geneva with the intention of staying there three weeks to write. She remembers her wonderful childhood with her five siblings, in the family household – a huge house affectionately called Le Paradou. As a child, she loved nature and dolls, theatre and words, and she recalls the moment she decided to become a writer.

In this intimate and touching first-person narrative by Sylvie Neeman, the reader is welcomed into Corinna Bille’s innermost thoughts. Neeman captures Corinna’s independent spirit and the sense of childlike wonder that she carried with her throughout her life.

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Toute une vie à écrire
La Joie de Lire, Geneva
Translation rights
Carina Diez Solari, carina.solari@lajoiedelire.ch
Publication date
March 2020


Sylvie Neeman

Sylvie Neeman was born in Lausanne in 1963. After a BA in Literature and the birth of her two daughters, she specialized in children’s literature. She regularly contributes to the journal “Parole de l’Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias”, which she has edited for 14 years, and writes columns for the newspaper Le Temps. She has published a novel for adults, several short stories, and four albums for children.



Albertine is a prize-winning Swiss illustrator of international reputation. She has been part of numerous exhibitions both in Switzerland and abroad. She is the first Swiss artist to receive the prestigious Golden Apple BIB for Marta et la bicyclette (Marta and the Bicycle). She received the Prix Jeunesse et Médias en 2009 pour La Rumeur de Venise and the Prix Sorcières pour Les Oiseaux, published in 2010. In 2021, the same book was selected under the ten best books from the year by the New York Times Book Review. In 2016, she received the first prize at Bologna Book Fair for Mon tout petit (My little One).
Albertine just received the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award 2020 for the body of her work. Visit albertine.ch for more information.