Andreas Kiener

German, Edition Moderne, Zurich, 2021

In the 23rd century, mankind is on the verge of being able to foresee the turn of events down to the smallest detail. Soon fate will be predictable – but at what cost? While the elites are tinkering with their hubris, Ali wants only one thing – to find her mother.

“Together with Ali and her highly developed android friend Rob, we stroll through a murky future version of our world, which Andreas Kiener brings to life with impressive brush strokes. The main characters proceed in this futuristic setting with great matter-of-course attitude – for them the future is normal. Simultaneously, Andreas Kiener allows his readers to explore the world which he designs with their own eyes and discover details and connections for themselves. The scenario is full of contrasts: Daunting architecture towers over ruins and piles of scrap metal. The cities, in which people and languages collide, are surrounded by a dreary vastness, and the scientific elite at the edge of society engages with the powerless minorities only when they provide test objects in the chambers of research establishments… «Unvermögen» is a multilayered and expressive comic‘s experience.” – Wiebcke Helmchen about «Unvermögen»

Edition Moderne, Zurich
Translation rights
Sarah Lapalu (eddy agency),
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Andreas Kiener

Born in 1986, Andreas Kiener works as a freelance illustrator, comic-strip artist, and screen printer in Lucerne. He is also co-editor of the comic magazine «Ampel Magazin.»

Photo: © D. Zurkinden