Alexandre Lecoultre

Swiss Literature Award 2021

Alexandre Lecoultre
Peter and so on

Which language is needed to describe Peter and his strolls in the village between lake and river, his sociability, his existence at the edge of the world and yet in the midst of the “real life” he is looking for and has perhaps already found?

Alexandre Lecoultre does not standardise his protagonist through a strict standard language. He lets language grow beyond itself, switches from French to German and Swiss German, joyfully moulding its rules and words and making it so smooth and modest that it poetically allows the little character Peter to appear in great literature – and to be overrun by it: and so on.

Peter und so weiter

Edition L’Âge d’homme, Lausanne
ISBN 978-2-825148099

Translation rights:
Florence Schluchter, Alexandre Lecoultre,,