Christoph Geiser

Swiss Literature Award 2020

Christoph Geiser
Missed Places. Stories.

The ‘we’ in Christoph Geiser’s stories is not the royal we, but a melancholy and ironic pronoun. His five short stories take us from Berlin and Darmstadt, via Venice, to Rupperswil in the Swiss canton of Aargau, but also into his own past, the depths of the human soul, and social exclusion. The narrator, an acid-tongued verbal virtuoso, appears in the guise of chronicler, museum visitor, reader, observer, tourist, gourmet and would-be court reporter. ‘We’re not a writer, you know!’
But he is – and what a writer.

Verfehlte Orte. Erzählungen

Secession Verlag für Literatur, Zurich
ISBN 978-3-906910-51-2

Translation rights:
Christian Ruzicska