Corinne Desarzens

Swiss Literature Award 2021

Corinne Desarzens
The Moon Moves Slowly

To discover the world with a tongue that talks and that tastes: This is Corinne Desarzens’ crazy endeavour, fuelled by travel memories, incredible encounters and humorous sketches.

The book of an insatiable woman, who with quill and brush dissects rare words in Tehuelche, Swahili, Ladin or Armenian and extracts their substances to serve as a baroque feast to the reader, in which each of the twenty-seven courses holds a surprise. A work in which intimacy and infinity take playful turns.

La lune bouge lentement

La Baconnière, Chêne-Bourg
ISBN 978-2-889600-20-5

Translation rights:
Laurence Gudin