Demian Lienhard

Swiss Literature Award 2020

Demian Lienhard
I Am The Girl My Mother Warned Me About

Legal, illegal – who gives a damn? This is Alba Doppler’s life in her own words, between teenage suicides and the pangs of love, addictions and experiences of loss. Demian Lienhard does more than delineate the zeitgeist and mores of Zurich’s 1980s drugs scene; he has also found, in Alba, a voice that speaks for this marginal sociotope: one that is intensely lonely, yet at the same time irresistibly funny and captivating. To quote one of the catch-phrases of the 1980s alternative scene: ‘Down with gravity!’

Ich bin die, vor der mich meine Mutter gewarnt hat

Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt, Frankfurt am Main
ISBN 978-3-627-00260-2

Translation rights:
Nadya Hartmann