Flurina Badel

Swiss Literature Award 2020

Flurina Badel
Tropical tinnitus

In tinnitus tropic, Flurina Badel presents a fascinating collection of Rhaeto-Romansh poetry that breaks new ground. Her finely crafted, expressive texts testify to her intensive and innovative exploration of language. The tinnitus of the title, a constant source of irritation, is a defining aspect of this work, whose subject is the poet’s critical dialogue with herself, the external world, and the act of writing itself. In a kind of road trip through the contradictions and difficulties besetting the individual and the world, the author creates a strong sense of tension and a very particular dynamic.

Tinnitus tropic

editionmevinapuorger, Zurich
ISBN 978-3-9524584-7-1

Translation rights:
Mevina Puorger