François Debluë

Swiss Literature Award 2020

François Debluë
The Second Death of Lazarus

What became of Lazarus? François Debluë examines this question in La Seconde mort de Lazare (The Second Death of Lazarus). On being restored to life, the resurrected Lazarus encounters many difficulties. As a novelist, chronicler and poet, Debluë examines what the Biblical text leaves unsaid, and in so doing explores the themes of survivor’s guilt and the loneliness of human life. His simple narrative is divided into short chapters. The limpid style, in which silence has its place, skilfully conveys the ancient landscapes and the measured pace of that era.

La Seconde mort de Lazare

Éditions l’Âge d’homme, Lausanne
ISBN 978-2-8251-4771-9

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Andonia Dimitrijevic