Levin Westermann

Swiss Literature Award 2021

Levin Westermann
regarding the shadows

In the four-part composition bezüglich der schatten by Levin Westermann, opposing realities slide into each other. Entities of speech – we, a fox, Anne Carson, Roland Barthes or God – stand on post-apocalyptic ground, but preserve their humour and their calm, because it is too late anyway.

Existential questions are discussed from a timeless sphere of sound. But whether one enters the scene after the feast or after the escape remains up in the air.

The categories merge in highly poetic elegance: Between poetry and dramolet, between human and animal, between social media and mythological primordial bases.

Bezüglich der Schatten

Matthes & Seitz, Berlin
ISBN 978-88-7168-853-4 

Translation rights:
Loan Nguyen,