Noëmi Lerch

Swiss Literature Award 2020

Noëmi Lerch
Welcome to the Valley of Tears

Three men and a dog are all Noëmi Lerch needs in order to depict, in the sparest of sentences and paragraphs, these exceptionally vivid and subtly touching scenes from an age-old Alpine working life. Almost paradoxically, Lerch’s rigorous narrative economy conjures up clear mental images that are sharp, precise, and never clichéd. The illustrations by the artistic duo Walter Wolff counterpoint the text on each page, and contribute to making this one of the most beautiful Swiss books of the season.

Willkommen im Tal der Tränen

verlag die brotsuppe, Biel/Bienne
ISBN 978-3-03867-015-5

Translation rights:
Ursi Aeschacher